Whole House Humidifier

When you think of a humidifier, you may picture an old wooden box sitting in the middle of the room at your grandmother’s house, but today’s humidifiers are high-tech and will humidify the entire home. At Country Air LLC we can help you determine the right one for you and your family.

A whole house humidifier is attached to your heating and cooling unit. It provides water vapor through your heating ducts which in turn provides more humidity. This way, the level of humidity is controlled and even throughout your home.

In addition, a whole house humidifier can be installed in a new heating and cooling system or added to an existing one.

The Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Living in Michigan, you’re used to long, cold winters, but with winter weather also comes dryness. The winter air doesn’t have the same level of humidity as summer air which means your home and you get dryer. That can mean itchy skin, but it can also mean viruses and respiratory illnesses that do very well in low humidity environments.

Keeping your home at a higher humidity level can help keep both viruses and itchy skin at bay.

You aren’t the only one that suffers in the winter. Your home does as well. Furniture, plaster, wood floors, and even artwork can be damaged by dry air. A higher humidity level will help protect them as well.

Finally, most people feel warmer at a lower temperature if the humidity is higher. By keeping your home a little more humid in the winter, you can lower the temperature, save money on your utility bills, and still be warm and comfortable.

Find Out More About Whole House Humidifiers at Country Air LLC

If you would like to find out if a whole house humidifier would be an asset to your home and family, give us a call here at Country Air LLC. We can help you decide if you should install one, so give us a call today and learn more.